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In addition to the homogenized entertainment options, homogenized shopping has come to Puerto Plata as well, in the form of new commercial malls, some of which are clearly designed with the tourist in mind. If you like to bring home a souvenir indicative of the area you vacationed in, there will be no shortage of places to fill that desire. There are markets and shops around Puerto Plata, but one of the largest shopping complexes is the Playa Dorada Plaza, just inside the gates of the resort area. Locals have brought a wide array of handmade crafts typical of the area for you to view and purchase. Cash is usually the method of exchange, though major jewelry shops and other large stores accept major credit cards. Bargaining is expected in general, although larger stores have fixed prices.



The Amber Museum gift shop features amber jewlery of all kinds. This part of Puerto Plata is one of only two places in the world where significant amounts of amber can be found. Amber is a fossilized resin from trees that existed 60 million years ago. One can find prehistoric flowers, insects, leaves and other fragments preserved within these stones. Some fantastic examples of amber are on display in a local historic building designed in 1918 by a Spanish Architect. The museum hours are Mon-Sat 9am-6pm.

Puerto Plata Souveniers

Down on the beach, or almost anywhere in Puerto Plata, you can buy inexpensive souvenirs. But if you want something striking and exotic to premiere when you return from the Dominican Republic, stop by Harrison's Jewelers to purchase a souvenir. Also, Playa Dorada Plaza gives you a chance to browse through above-average shops featuring Dominican souvenirs of all shapes and sizes.